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Manage, evaluate and follow all action plans, tasks & KPI in one place.

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Profifox is a software solution designed to increase the efficiency of teams working on problems and improvements in a manufacturing production environment.

Our users are now able to have true control over every action, from every meeting, audit, kazien or lean improvement. Shift leaders are using this feature to have a prioritized list of actions, from multiple departments.

Profifox is being used by companies to manage actions from meetings, 5S and layered auduits. But also tahnks to PDCA and DMAIC principles, it is also used for ISO, VDA, 8D and Black Belt Six Sigma action plans and actions.

In offices or in designated areas where meetings are held, companies can install TV screens that show data relevant to that location or team of people. This enables the information to be available immediately, without the need for requests.

Managers are able to evaluate progress of action plans or teams with ease, saving hours of administrative work.

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